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Meltzer: “Mil Mascaras Was A Star At A Level Higher Than Alberto”

In recent months, Jose Alberto Rodríguez “Alberto el Patrón” has been more out of control than usual, leaving much of the personality he always had and the public was unaware of.

And is that “Alberto del Rio” was not really a character for the fighter, but his real person.

Now, as we already know, he is also doing less to his Uncle Mil Mascaras , who in his time managed to break through on his own, becoming a world icon, while Alberto was hired by WWE for being the nephew of Mil Mascaras .

In the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter , Dave Meltzer wrote about it:

“Obviously something happened last week between Alberto and Mil Mascaras. I never heard Alberto say anything bad about his uncle, besides that he dedicated his whole life to the fight and that he wants to retire young. But in an interview he gave in Monterrey for Mas Lucha, he said that his uncle claims to have fought in more than 40 countries but that there were actually ten, and that he has fought in greater numbers. He also says his uncle has a title he has not defended in 90 years (the old IWA title he won in 1975 and he never lost).
“It also implies that he’s really a bigger star than his uncle, which, in a way, due to the global power of WWE television, might be considered, but it’s not something he should say.

“In addition, in places where Mil Mascaras was famous, it was at a different level than Alberto. And the one who declared that in Mexico is more objectionable, because in Mexico as well as in Japan, Mascaras was a much larger star.

“Mil Mascaras is probably the third or fourth largest star in Mexican wrestling history, and is by far Mexico’s biggest star in Japan.”

Curiously, when Alberto appeared professionally in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr. (already had previously debuted in Japan) in Summer of Scandal 2000 , appeared with a mask half Two Faces and half Thousand Masks. After that fight, his uncle scolded him and forbade him to use it again.

In this video of Mil Máscaras in All Japan (musicalized with Sky High, its entrance theme), we see it to legends like Abdullah the Butcher, Harley Race, The Destroyer, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Frank Hill, Wahoo McDaniel, Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Kuniaki Kobayashi, Stan Hansen, Masanobu Fuchi and Akio Sato.

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