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Mike Kanellis In Trouble With WWE Directive

It has been less than two months in WWE , and wrestler Mike Kanellis is already going through his first problems , which are already seriously affecting his career within the fighting company.
So it has been found according to the latest information reported exclusively by the podcast The Dirty Sheets in the section called “DS Breaking News” ( “DS Newsflash” ) , the same that is associated with the web portal Sportskeeda . This is the information that is disclosed, with the translation of the words said in the video:

“Hello everyone, I’m Nick from New York and this is another episode of DS Breaking News. On this occasion, we will be talking about the situation around Mike Kanellis.

“As you all know, he recently debuted in the main cast of WWE as a WWE main cast fighter after completing his contract with TNA Wrestling.

“What many do not know is that Mike was initially offered a contract with a spot on NXT and Mike turned down that contract by telling WWE: ‘Listen, guys! I am a leading cast talent and if I go to WWE, I will go for it. I want a Push and I want to go to the main cast of WWE ‘.

“Mike was able to convince WWE officials of this fact. Well, WWE is very disappointed and somewhat upset with Mike, according to what I’ve heard, because he’s perceived as ‘lazy and complacent’ by the behind-the-scenes executives.

“So Mike had a period of two months since he signed his contract with WWE and the time he debuted, but apparently he did nothing but sit in his chair and eat junk food by that time.

“WWE expected that when it was to debut, this guy arrived with a great body product of the exercise, that he was in good physical form, that he had prepared and that he arrived with ideas, but that was not so and it seems that he just sat in his Armchair and took a vacation.

“No way, WWE is happy with all this situation and our sources have told us that Mike says that being in WWE is his dream and that he is making it come true in WWE, but he did nothing during that two-month period From his debut to make sure his debut was successful and physically fit and that’s been the reason why Mike has been typecasting in a role of Jobber since his debut in the main cast. “

Recall that Mike Kanellis came to WWE with his beautiful wife Maria Kanellis , who returned to the company after a 7-year absence in PPV Money in the Bank 2017 , after the help of Kevin Owens:

Knowers, what do you think of this news and the situation of Mike Kanellis with WWE?

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