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More About Alberto’s Suspension ─ Will He Still Be The Champion?

Today, as opportunely, SUPERFIGHTS made known to him, GFW Impact announced that Alberto the Patron had been suspended immediately and until the incident that he carried out with his girlfriend, Paige, at the international airport of Orlando, Florida.

So a few hours after that announcement, GFW Impact’s Creative Office Chief (Jarrett’s new title) convened a press conference, where media outlets were told that no questions would be asked regarding the issue of Alberto and the suspension. However Jarrett did touch the matter and called the situation “unfortunate,” he also commented that GFW / Anthem officials are still investigating the matter on their own to find out what exactly happened. He also said he had spoken to CEOs of several companies to get advice on what to do, but admitted that “there is never an absolutely right decision.”

Jarrett said he addressed everyone in the office earlier today at a production meeting and told them about the company’s responsibility in this situation is on the shoulders of Jarrett himself and wants to make the best decision for the company.

Although it was anticipated that no questions would be answered, someone managed to ask whether the suspension would immediately be stripped of the title or their entries in the following Impact broadcasts, previously recorded to the events. Jarrett just replied that they would not remove it, because “this would hurt the company more.” Meaning Alberto is still the GFW Impact Unified Full Weight Champion. He also mentioned that he has been in constant contact with the Mexican and his representatives.

Jarrett also spoke about other issues of the company: A possible return to the West Coast of the United States, and surprises that are about to happen next to Triple A in Mexico. As for the subject of Broken Matt and Brother Nero, Jarrett said that Athem is the sole owner of the characters.

One of the main goals of the new management of the company is to retain his talent, in addition, Jarrett claimed to be in serious negotiations to hire CM Punk.

With information from Pro Wrestling Sheet and Fightful

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