Most controversial match in WWE history

Most controversial match in WWE history

WWE is most famous for the controversial moments that happens in match during wrestling. That could be anything like unexpected and unanticipated attack, unsuitable and unprofessional attitude, indescribable action that all adds up to lead and hence fans keep on like that organization more and more as they have something to talk about. Wrestling fans think that these controversial moments in the match are so valuable and expensive, without these this will be a boring and unpleasant fight.

John Cena VS the Miz

Every fan is different. Several fans think that bloodshed is entertaining for them and to some it is not a big deal. Some fans found it more exciting and entertaining that they are watching some controversy in the match. There is famous saying by Eric Bischoff that controversy makes cash. So is the case with WWE, a match that was expected to be controversial always has highest pay per views.

Eric Biscoff said that when he was trying to explain his moves and tacts during his stay in WCW. It seems that controversy stands out to make the organization moving and it tends to lead the fans talking about it but it is not universal truth if that is the case WCW will still be the successful company in wrestling.

In the WWE history, most controversial match was played among John Cena and The Miz at wrestlemania XXVII in 2011. That was third match played in wrestlemania in whih The Miz defeated John Cena and he was successful to save save reigning for WWE champion .

John Cena vs The Miz

The Miz was WWE champion and for WWE championship at wrestlemania XXVII, a match was planned with John Cena. One of the highlights of this match was that John smacked The miz with Five Knuckle Shuffle. Both wrestlers went back and forth to make their way out through the match. Both wrestlers kept fighting brutally and took fight out side the ring. This match was ended as a double countout match which meant that The previous champion will keep that title, so The Miz was able to retained his title.

Cena intervened at their decision but WWE RAW was stick to their announcement. Many wrestler superstar alsodisregarded this decision. The Rock supported John Cena by disregarded this announcement. He suggest a rematch with declaring this as a no disqualification match with no double countout. WWE took this suggestion and hence match restarted. John Cena started this match by dragging back The Miz in the ring. He tried to  perform attitude adjustment which he failed to perform. After watching that The Rock followed Cena and his him Rock Bottom. The Miz took advantage of fallen John Cena and he claimed for win.

After ending the match, Rock commenced attack on The Miz. Wrestlermania XXVII finally ended making The Rock superstar among the fans. 


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