Greatest matches in WWE

Most Memorable and Greatest Matches in WWE History

In history of WWE, there are endless unforgettable matches are played in the ring. These matches can be greatest because of the wrestlers involved in it, specific story it is linked to and historical significance.Here is the list of most memorable and greatest matches in WWE history.

Shawn Michaels Vs. The Undertaker:

This match was played at wrestlemania XXV in 2009. This match was being demanded by wrestling fans and they appreciated it for many generation. This match was played when both Shawn Michael and The Undertaker was among superstars in WWE. Both wrestler made their entrance in magical way to the ring. This match was fast paced match. No witness will ever be able to forget this match. The Undertaker finally won this match after several ups and down. Fans demanded a rematch for this, but Shawn Michaels was failed to make his way through this. This match had lots of negative impact on his wrestling career.

Throughout the entire match, fans were split to supporting and shouting for both wrestlers. At 2009 Slammy Awards by WWE, this match won match of the year award.

Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre the Giant:

This match was played in wrestlemania III in 1987 for WWE championship among Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. This was one of the greatest and most wanted main event of the wrestlemania III. Hulk Hogan won this match and he was successful to kept his WWE championship title.This match was listed as one of the most high profile matched in history of WWE.Hogan’s great and memorial success over the late Giant helped a lot in the ultimate victory of WWE that extended and maintained till  today. Later on people transcended this match as Hulkmania and it was huge for WWE.

The Hulk Hogan was successful to defend his WWE championship title against Andre The Giant.

Stone Cold vs The Rock:

This match was played at wrestlemina X seven for WWF championship among Stone Cold versus The Rock. This was main event of Wrestlemania 17 as no disqualification match. Stone Cold Austin successfully Won this match by defeating The Rock. Both wrestlers took the fight outside the ring into the crowd. They started to hit each other with ring bell and when they return back to the ring, blood was shedding from both Stone Cold and The Rock. This match was rated 9 out of 10 stars.

This was one of most memorable matches as Both Stone Cold and The Rock played very well.

The Rock and John Cena:

This match was played at wrestlemania XXVIII and was listed as main event of wrestlemania for WWE championship among The Rock and John Cena , both superstars of WWE. This was referred as a title Once in a Lifetime. The Rock won this match winning WWE championship and defeating John Cena. Throughout the match, both WWE superstars went back and forth to make out their way to the win but only The Rock was successfully to be a winner. A rematch was demand for WWE championship in wrestlemania XXIX which Cena won.

This was definitely among the greatest matches in WWE history.

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