Most popular WWE wrestlers of all time

Making a list about the most popular wrestlers of all time could be very difficult since different people have different preferences. However, a thorough research was made to make it a better list.

10: Andre the Giant:

the gaiant

Definitely he is not the greatest wrestler but still among the most famous ones. Along with his wrestling skills, Andre was also famous for his height and drinking. Those who know the history of the game would agree that he remained a very popular wrestler throughout his career.

9: Randy Savage:

Randy Savage

Randy Savage is one of those wrestlers which inspired numerous fans during their debut. Savage is no more among us but it does not mean that he has lost all his popularity. He still remains as a very famous wrestler, even in the modern world of wrestling.

8: Randy Orton:

Randy Orton


He may not be as famous as some of the other legends of the game but he is not very far away from them when it comes to popularity.

7: Triple H:

Triple H

With a career span of over 20 years, Triple H is among the wrestlers which have huge fan base.

6: The Rock:

the rock

It is not only his wrestling but great acting and camera skills which make him eligible for this list. The Rock has millions of fans throughout the world and hence he is one of the most popular wrestlers.

5: Steve Austin:

Steve Austin

To some people Steve Austin is popular than most other wrestling celebrities, such as Triple H, Hogan and the Rock. We partially agree with these people. Giving him the most authentic spot may be difficult but he surely deserves a place among top five famous wrestlers.

4: Shawn Michaels:

shan michcal

Shawn Michaels is one of the most charismatic wrestlers to ever appear in the ring. According to the IGN US website “No one sold agony, heartache or triumph like The Heartbreak Kid”. Michaels surely deserves a very high ranking and a high spot in the list of popular wrestlers.

3: Hulk Hogan:

Hulk Hogan

No list of popular wrestlers can ever be completed without including Hulk Hogan. For some people he deserves to be the most popular wrestler but unfortunately he is not as famous among the younger generation as he used to be. Therefore, we gave him the third spot.

2: The Undertaker:


Most of the readers would surely agree that “The Undertaker” is undoubtedly one of greatest wrestlers of all times. At the same time, he is very popular and famous. He also has an astonishing career and various records to him name.

1: John Cena Comes number one in most popular wrestlers :

john cena

It may be surprising for some people but let’s think, John Cena is one of very few wrestlers whose name is famous even among non-fans of wrestling. The list is not comparing skills or other records but simply the worldwide popularity. It is due to this reason that he made it to number one spot is out list.

We hope that you enjoyed the above list. We don’t expect you to completely agree with us. But don’t forget to share your valuable feedback and your own preference about the most popular wrestlers.

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