Natalya Won The Fatal-5-Way And Will Challenge Naomi For The SmackDown Women’s Championship At SummerSlam (2017)

Against all odds: Natalya wins after a solid match in Batleground (2017), now will challenge Naomi for the Blue Women’s Championship.

The fight starts with Lana demonstrating how green he is, not only strenuously but does not transmit when acting: except because of his overactivity. Already in the string, the alliance between rudas is made: Tamina saves a few times to Lana of being eliminated. Becky Lynch manages to dominate momentarily: eliminates Tamina and Lana in line with her Dis-arm-her.

But Natalya takes the count of 3 on Lynch, after grabbing the truffle to Lynch that covers him where the back loses the name.

In the end only Charlotte and Natalya are left and surprisingly the Canadian imposes itself with rudeness, stars the neck of the genetically superior on the ring inferior of the ring, covers and manages to adjudge itself deserved victory.

There is a small confrontation with Naomi, where the rude ignores the handshake and leaves.
Natalya has only been champion of the divas in 2010, to win this would be her second reign of the women’s division in at least 10 years of career.

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