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New Superstar Shake-Up After SummerSlam?

Is the McMahon product better one year after brand separation? It would be a long discussion, but what was clear is that many managers were not happy with the distribution of talent in the two major brands. Thus, after WrestleMania 33, the first Superstar Shake-Up took place (as was traditionally done during the first Brand Extension) , which in many cases has not been a remarkable revulsion for talents in need of brilliance . On the other hand, who would say a year ago that Jinder Mahal would be WWE Champion with a reign longer than two months?
Jinder Mahal celebrates his victory in WWE Battleground (2017) next to The Great Khali – WWE
In recent seasons, WWE SummerSlam is almost the second WrestleMania of the year – remember that the last edition lasted 4 hours – and it looks like this 2017 will be more than ever. Because, obviating the important rumored poster, according to PWInsider ( within its Elite section ), there are plans to make another Superstar Shake-Up after this great summer PPV , where again, Raw and SmackDown would exchange fighters. Already under the first one was not included the third mark in discord, NXT, but perhaps in this occasion, and before the commented imminent rise of several talents,

However, James McKenna of Pro Wrestling Sheet, went to the passage via Twitter to deny the information of PWInsider :

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