Nia Jax Gives An Epic Troll To Emma In Social Networks

Last Monday, during Raw, Nia Jax and Emma protested the rematch that Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss would give to Sasha Banks in No Mercy. The situation went up in pitch and Kurt Angle had to resort to the old argument of former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long and declare a “Tag match” where Jax and Emma would team against Bliss and Banks, and in case that the first win the fight in the next ppv of the Red Mark would be in a Fatal Four Way. If Banks and Bliss prevailed, nothing would change as planned.

During the fight, Jax’s physical power unbalanced the contest, making her opponents look like ragdolls. However, when it seemed that Jax would win the victory against a massacred Sasha Banks, Emma fanned and managed to take over, winning the victory for her, and in turn modify the struggle of No Mercy.

Emma highlighted that in her Twitter account, where she stated:

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