Nia Jax

Nia Jax: “I came To The Fight Thanks To WrestleMania XXVIII”

Since her days in NXT, Nia Jax has become a dominant force, and although she has not been a champion until now, the impressive fighter has the potential to hold the belt .

Recently in Talk Is Jericho , Chris Jericho, Jax revealed what inspired her to pursue a career in wrestling.

“Well, WrestleMania was going to be held 28 , so I decided with my other cousin, Christian, a 1.95 dancer, to go to Miami to go see The Rock against John Cena . I had been to other events before, but this time we were in the front row, and during the stellar fight, I was like, ‘Holy shit! This is crazy! The energy, the feeling! “.

While Jax was looking to attend Afa’s wrestling school, The Rock recommended she attend a test at the WWE Development Center.

“I was trying to get into the Afa wrestling school, Wild Samoan, who has a fighting school near Orlando. My aunt was trying to get her out there and I was doing all the things I needed to do. But then Dwayne told me, “Well, why do not we try WWE directly to see if this is what you want to do?” So I went to do the three-day test at the Performance Center. The rest is history . “

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