No Mercy 2017: WWE Bets All Its Most Controversial Superstars

No Mercy is the next big event of the red mark, with which it seeks to recover the fans that it has lost due to the constant creative problems behind dressing rooms. On the one hand, Brock Lesnar faces Braun Strowman in a classic Vince McMahon-style rivalry, which, while generating interest, many think should have saved it for a major event.

A fight that is stirring up is one of the two most controversial gladiators of today: John Cena , the 16-time world champion, faces Roman Reigns , the shaky project that urgently needs to consolidate as the next face of the company, now that its rival is next to continue its race in the world of the cinema .

The Raw Women’s Championship will now be defended by Alexa Bliss in a four-cornered match against Sasha Banks , Nia Jax and Emma , a fight that has neither head nor tail despite the great potential it could have been if it had been programmed with a little more notice. Although there is still time to give more depth to the story

The Raw Pairs Championship is at an important moment, not because of the good handling in the division, but because despite having champions of two of the most important fighters of the cartel, they are still gray.

Enzo Amore has an opportunity to remove the title of Neville in the division that far from catapulting the prestige of the cruises, only proves that he has no relevant plan for them

The revenge fight between Bray Wyatt and Finn Bálor is no longer true and is the clear example of how creative mismanagement can bring down two stars.

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