Olympic medalist

Olympic Medalist Kurt Angle values ​​His professional Career: “I Think I Had Better Stage In TNA Than In WWE, Because I Had Matured”

Olympic medalist and star of TNA , Kurt Angle , gave an interview in which he talked about his last tour with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, his debut in Bellator as a commentator and career.

His last tour with Impact Wrestling in the UK

“It Will Be The Last Time I’ll Be Out With Impact Wrestling In The UK, That’s How I Want To Say Goodbye. It’s A Great Opportunity To Have Big Fights Before Getting Into Other Projects. “

Did you plan to stay in the fight for a long time?

“No, In Fact, I Told The Other Fighters That I Would Be Only Five Years Older . I Have Not Been One Of Those People Who Stay For A Long Time In One Place. After Winning The Olympic Gold Medal, I Retired. I Could Have Followed Another Four Years, But I Was Interested In The Professional Fight. “

Your intentions to teach fight

“I Have Not Talked To Anyone About Training, But I Do Not Care. I’m Sure I Can Train Wherever I Want. I Want To Take A Break From The Fight, I Have Already Reached An Agreement With A Producer To Make More Films . “

His debut as a commentator at Bellator

“I Signed With Bellator To Be A Commentator. It’s Good To See How Other People Fight. I Loved It, I Just Wanted My First Time At The Commentator Table To Last Longer Than The Lashley Bout , But It Was Fun. Lashley Is A Great Fighter And One Of The Best MMA Fighters Right Now . “

Did you have a better time in WWE or TNA?

“Hard Question, But I Think I Had Better Stay In TNA Than In WWE . I Faced Shawn Michaels , Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero , The Rock , Triple H And Edge In WWE, There Were A Lot Of Great Fighters, But I Had Fun At TNA And I Had My Maturity Stage, So I Enjoyed It More.

Who do you want to face in the UK?

“I Would Love To Take On Eric Young, Bobby Roode , Bobby Lashley And EC3 , But I’d Rather Measure Up To A Briton: Drew Galloway , Bram Or Spud. I Do Not Expect Fans To Cheer Me Up, But It Would Be Great Fun. 

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