Originally The “Broken Universe” Debuted At SummerSlam?

Dash Wilder’s teammate and half-time The Revival team, Scott Dawson, recently was injured in full rivalry with brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy . According to theories, originally the rivalry would bring the Broken Universe debut in “the hottest summer event”, SummerSlam.

But all plans were changed the moment Scott Dawson ripped his biceps, canceling the possible fight between The Revival Vs. The Hardys (or Broken Hardys). Now everything points that Matt and Jeff will face the team The Club, composed by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in the kickoff of SummerSlam. So you see, Dawson’s injury could have caused the “Broken Universe” (or “Woken Universe”) to be put on hold.

By the way, Finn Bálor has nurtured the possibility that the new name of the Hardy universe is Woken (ie instead of being broken, be “revived”), by this tweet, which, like almost everything Says Bálor, must be taken with the reservations of the case:

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