Paige and Alberto

Paige And Alberto: “It Was Just A Discussion Of A Passionate Couple”

As we reported here in SUPER STRUGGLES , Alberto Patron and Paige were on Thursday, August 3, 2017 in “Busted Open” , a radio program conducted by Bully Ray on the SiriusXM station to talk about his incident at the Airport. Orlando, Florida.
As expected, the appearance of the fighters tried to minimize what happened and reduce the impact of the media on the incident and the whole background. Here is a complete summary of the words of Paige and the former Alberto del Río courtesy of PW Insider’s friend Mike Johnson :

“GFW Unified Fullweight World Champion Alberto El Patron and WWE Superstar Paige appeared this afternoon in the ‘Busted Open’ program of SiriusXM led by Bully Ray to publicly refer to the incident last July 9 at the International Airport Of Orlando and its successive consequences, including the suspension of the Global Force Wrestling Pattern, which is still active.

“Paige said they now laugh at the situation, but it was a media nightmare for them and their families. Paige said they had a discussion as a normal couple, but because they are under the media spotlight, the news was presented as if it had been a massacre. She said they are still waiting for the official report to come out so that people can see what really happened. Paige admitted that they should not have argued in public, but that they are a couple and can not help living. She joked that sometimes they say bad things when they fight.

“Alberto said that Paige is a beautiful girl from England and that he is a handsome man from Mexico and that they do not want to be the type of celebrities who live locked in their houses. The Patron said even the Sergeant in Orlando told them the argument had been nothing. Alberto said that they argue as a normal couple and that it was a bad day and that the Internet tells a lot of lies. They are waiting for the official report of the situation, since nowadays it does not matter what they say, because the Internet will say what the Internet wants.

“He said that both have strong personalities and that they always go everything, whether they are loving or fighting, they always go with everything. He described them both as ‘passionate people’. He said it was all about that they were both just plain angry and said things they did not really feel and that ‘they’ (the Internet) decided to make it a bigger problem than it was.

“Alberto said that both have a short temper and that sometimes they start to fight for 20 minutes and they say they do not want to see each other anymore and that after three minutes everything is fine. He said there is not a couple more passionate than them. Bully Ray asked them to expand what they said were lies and falsehoods of what was reported had happened. Paige said there was a story about her being arrested in San Antonio when she was not even in the Orlando Police system. She said that 90% of things were reported wrong.

“Paige said that Alberto told her something she should not have said (which was to wish her Uncle Stan’s death) and this made him end up with a drink over his head. She joked and said that she must have thrown the whole plate of spaghetti on her head. Alberto reiterated that he said something bad that he should not have said and said he was strong. Alberto said that he felt humiliated as he was surrounded by people and reacted violently, but that three minutes later, the police asked him what he wanted to do. Alberto told them nothing, so the police let him go and advised him to go a different way to Paige until things calmed down.

“Paige said people should not do what they said, especially if they are in public. Alberto said that sometimes when you argue, things are said and then three minutes later everything is fine. He said that they refuse to live their lives as if they were celebrities and that they want to live like normal people, but that they are in the public eye.

“He said he was not saying that his behavior was not bad, because he was, but that he is trying to teach his children to act in a certain way and that he should do the same so be under the eyes of the people, With the fans or just going out in public. He said that they inspire people from all over the world to be better people and to show them that if they dream something, they can achieve it and that dreams come true.

“Paige said she wanted to apologize, especially to younger fans. Paige said she should not have acted in the way she did it. Paige said that she could apologize, but that was not what she was going to do, she was simply going to act the way she should act in public. She said that if someone felt offended, that was not their intention and that they want to turn the page.

“Bully said that they are saying that everything is fantastic, but that Paige’s family had stated that they were very concerned about their well-being. Paige said that she loves her family, but that part of what was published in the press is terrifying to observe and that they reacted to those stories. Paige said her family is okay, except for her Uncle Stan, who passed away this week.

“El Patrón said that his families learned about everything via social networks and on the Internet and that this is not cool. He said they really did not know what had happened until they talked to their relatives. They were worried that someone would be arrested. The Patron said his family stays away from social networks and the Internet, so when they hear something, they have to wait for him to call them to see what’s going on. Alberto said that Paige’s family believed the Internet ** and reacted accordingly.

“The Patron said they are waiting for the official report because it does not matter what they say until the report comes out. Paige said she had gone out to publicly say what happened and that everyone reacted as if her words were not true. Alberto said that the ‘omnipotent Internet’ reacted and that it will react until the authorities release the official report.

“Bully said that Alberto is free of possible charges and asked if he is still suspended by GFW. The Boss said that they are trying to do things differently than is usually done in professional wrestling. Alberto said that those rules should apply to everyone and that in Combat Americas MMA, he was always supportive of whoever fined the fighters if they did not give weight to the fights or if they were not ready for them.

“Alberto pointed out that GFW needs to conduct its own research and that he understands that. He said that he was fine with the suspension and that everything cleared up with the company and that he will return to work soon. The Patrón said he does not know when that will be because he has been fighting in Mexico, but he will be back soon.

“Paige also pointed out that she’s going to be returning soon to WWE. She said that this morning (interview day), she had a CT scanner and that she can not be to re-record, since she has been away from the ring since her neck surgery in October. She said she’s ready to go back and see the other women in the cast. She said she was excited to see all the new women, Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax and said she was also very happy because Naomi was the Champion SmackDown right now.

“The Patron said he will not be at the GFW live events this weekend in New York because he has not yet been suspended and both parets agree to the suspension because everyone should be treated the same Way, regardless of whether he is a low-fighter or stellarist. The Patrón said he will return with GFW very soon and that an announcement will be made soon as he has been in contact with his bosses.

“Bully asked them if they really are happy to be together and if they see that their relationship is lasting. Paige said that Alberto may be a bastard, but that is his bastard. The Patron said that they want to be together and that although no one ever knows what will happen in the future, they will try to make things work in their relationship, whether or not they have the support of others, they are together and happy.

“Alberto said that Paige has been helping him take care of his kids since day one and that when he left WWE and when Paige had neck surgery, they were both there to help each other. Alberto says that Paige goes wherever he goes with him to support him and that both bring positive things into the other’s lives. A bad thing on the Internet and social networks and that makes everything else forgotten. “

Connoisseurs, what is your opinion? What do you think of the statements of Paige and Alberto del Rio, believe them?

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