Paige Could Face Charges Of Domestic Violence

Desde que se reveló su noviazgo a principios de 2016, la relación entre Paige y Alberto del Río ha ido de mal en peor, afectando no sólo su vida personal sino también sus carreras con la salida del mexicano de WWE y el deterioro irreversible de las relaciones de la británica con la compañía. El último escándalo de la pareja tuvo lugar la semana pasada con una muy comentada discusión en un aeropuerto, que ahora podría tener consecuencias legales.

Although there have been a number of statements in this regard, with the notable exception of the Patron, the facts remain a matter of discussion. As far as we know, on Sunday July 9 Paige and Alberto were involved in a public discussion that should have been stopped by the police. Originally the Patron was pointed out as an aggressor and had to face the consequences of this, but Paige clarified that she was the one who had violated it , and a new report indicates that this could be true.

Concern For Alberto El Patrón And Paige – Violence, Abuse And Drugs

After the event, the Knight family accused the Mexican of beating Paige on multiple occasions , and one more witness said that the couple had accused each other of porting and using drugs; But Paige’s version indicated that it was an argument over a personal matter that had gotten out of hand and had ended up throwing her a glass of beer.

According to reports Pro Wrestling Sheet , the Orlando Police Department would agree with this latest version, which is why Paige could face a lawsuit.

“A representative of the Orlando PD told us, ‘DPO detectives have found that there are probable causes to impute to Saraya Bevis on assault charges . The detectives have sent the information to the Attorney General’s Office for review and it will determine if a case is opened. “

As the source points out, at the moment Paige has not been formally charged and will not be charged unless the Attorney General decides to do so. If so, his relationship with WWE could have an abrupt end.

Paige On The Airport Incident: “I Should Not Have Done It”

WWE has a zero tolerance policy with domestic violence, but since the investigation has not been completed, no action has been taken. According to the internal regulations of the company, an arrest for this position would mean the suspension of the fighter, and a sentence would mean his immediate dismissal. Both cases seem unlikely on this occasion, although Paige remains in tight rope with the company.

As for Alberto, his suspension with GFW is maintained until the company concludes its investigation into the facts, although Jeff Jarrett does not seem particularly concerned about the matter. Even so, there are already several independent dates lost by what happened.

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