Paige Reveals When She Will Return To WWE

Many rumors are about the current state of the relationship between Paige and WWE , but the truth is that, for now, the gladiator is out of action after undergoing surgery last year in the neck.
But even that surgery has stopped being involved in controversy, because at the insistence of the media by the scandals of Paige, the company declared that the surgery “was not necessary” for the criterion of the medical personnel of WWE.

And although the surgery was a success, same that happened in October 2016 , and the fighter has already been back in the gym and training some wrestling, the fact is that, leaving out the problems she has had With the company and in his personal life, his return is still far from being realized.

This was revealed in a short Twitter interview for the pretty reporter Chelsey Hernandez of KENS5 when they met yesterday at a bowling event called the Malik Rose Bowling Tournament in San Antonio, Texas. The video was published by Chelsey in his account and in the same one sees Paige along with the daughter of his fiancé, the Mexican Alberto the Patron:

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