Paige To Four Years Of His First WWE Championship

Paige has been in the eye of the hurricane since she began to have her relationship with Alberto del Rio, that coupled with an injury that has kept her away from the quadrilaterals for more than a year have made the gladiator better known for her scandals That for his actions, making him forget how important she has been for women’s wrestling to have the stellar level that maintains in these moments.

The famous anti Diva signed a development contract with WWE at the end of 2011, but by 2013 things were more than enough for the yellow mark, NXT, to have a Women’s Championship , so Stephanie McMahon herself organized a tournament with eight Gladiators to be able to crown the first monarch on July 24, 2013, four years ago, Tamina, Bayley, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae, Emma, ​​Aksana and Paige themselves took their chance to become the inaugural monarch .

Paige managed to prevail in the first round by beating Tamina, in the semifinal of Alicia Fox, to reach the final against Emma, ​​who in turn had left Aksana and Summer Rae in the first round and semifinals, respectively.

Emma appeared first, and received considerable support from the audience, however in Paige’s face her determination was announced

Emma tried to keep herself competitive, however Paige showed more experience and fang.
So a little oversight from Emma opened the way for Paige to apply Paige Turner and manage to keep her flat backs on Emma’s canvas to become the first NXT Women’s Champion.

The moment could not be more emotional when all the participants in the tournament appeared to celebrate with Paige, along with that came the Game, Triple H to join the celebration, beginning in this way to establish a very important level in the women’s fight in WWE. And creating a myth of a gladiator that raised the fighting level in WWE.

Today four years after Paige’s first big triumph in WWE we remember her in the hope that she will return to wrestling as she always was, a great fighter.

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