Paige’s other Brother: “There Are photos Of Her Beaten By Alberto”

Will Paige return to WWE ? That is just one of the many questions that fans of the fighter are made at the moment, after being known to be addicted to cocaine and that is mistreated by Alberto the Patron , his jealous fiancé and also addicted to drugs and with Problems with alcohol.
Surprisingly, each of the details that continue to be revealed after it was made public that the Mexican Alberto El Patrón had a strong argument with Paige in a restaurant at the airport of Orlando, Florida and in which a witness could hear them discuss about their abuse Of substances and their conflicting love relationship, which includes physical abuse.

First it was Zak Bevis , one of the brothers of the British Paige, 24 years old, who spoke on his Facebook account:

And a few hours ago did Roy Bevis, the other brother of the gladiator, also manifested by this same social network. First, it confirmed the report given by the witness to on the reason for the fight:

“We have photographs of the last six months of her being beaten. I am happy that he is finally giving his place … The reason they had the fight yesterday was because my uncle is dying in the hospital and he wanted him to die. She needs to get away from him, but it’s not that easy. “

And later he answered the questioner of the head of this news:

“Well … Now that you know (the situation of Paige and Alberto the Patron), the question that all of you have been doing to me is also there.

“My sister is not going to return (to WWE) because he (Alberto the Boss) is not going to leave her. He’s trying to make her get fired by continuing to talk bad about them (WWE). So there are a lot of people in the wrestling world who hate him (Alberto), but they are afraid to say it … Why ???

The Editor-in-Chief of the web portal Pro Wrestling Sheet, Ryan Satin, tweeted:

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