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Plans Around The Mae Young Classic

Without reaching the level of excellence of its mirror, the Cruiserweight Classic, the Mae Young Classic proved a good tournament that met the expectations of the WWE Universe . Several wrestlers, such as winner Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler , Abbey Laith , Piper Niven and Bianca Belair , shone in their own light and showed they could be under the spotlight of the biggest wrestling company in the world. But, finally, how many of them will end up signing?

It was reported before the event that the company would be interested in getting the services of at least 10 of them, and yesterday, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter offered new developments . These would be the names contracted after the MYC: Sane, Laith, Belair, Vanessa Borne, Zeda, Sarah Logan, Xia Li, Rhea Ripley, Kavita Devi, Dakota Kai, Sage Beckett, Lacey Evans, Taynara Conti and Reina Gonzalez .

Other important names remain, although Dave Melzer clarifies the situation. Shayna Baszler, despite not being on the list, does not have new dates on the independent circuit for now. There is an interest in Niven , perhaps evidenced by his move to Las Vegas to attend the final of the contest. Same case as Toni Storm , Candice LeRae and Mercedes Martinez . The former has its insulting youth as an endorsement; the second, on the contrary, with his experience and the third with his good relationship with the company (nevertheless, it is the wife of Johnny Gargano ).

In addition, Bryan Alvarez reported on the plans themselves regarding the future of the tournament and its ties to the NXT Women’s Championship. The journalist predicted that Sane will not be the next monarch of the yellow show , because in that case, this prize would have been booked directly for the final, as was rumored in the beginning . It seems that there are plans to carry out a multiple combat by that scepter from here to the near future.

Returning to Baszler, Alvarez comments that some creatives were annoyed by not taking advantage of their defeat to formalize an angle with the Four Horsewomen of WWE. However, this story would be reserved for No Mercy (2017) to be held in Los Angeles, where Ronda Rousey resides . Alvarez also contemplates the option of developing under NXT territory , where Sane and another former Mae Young Classic will debut in their imminent recordings . Focusing the target on the Japanese, it is not expected therefore a meteoric rise for her.

Finally, the WON indicates that WWE is willing to continue the format and conjure a second edition of this tournament for 2018, to Triple H’s rejoicing . And all, without news that confirm a show / female program, same case as that of the UK division. Stay tuned for updates on SUPER STRUGGLES for any new developments.

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