Plans In The Air? For yThe IC Championship At No Merc

The Miz , despite its detractors, managed to elevate the Intercontinental Championship last year to a levels that we had not seen in a long time. This 2017, after recovering it again from the hands of Dean Ambrose in June, the fighter continues to play a perfect role as a rude champion. However, we do not see a defense on PPV from WWE Great Balls of Fire , back in July. WWE SummerSlam (2017), the company’s second WrestleMania, did not contain any bout by that scepter. And this dynamic could continue in WWE No Mercy (2017) .

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter , the original plan was to face Miz with Jason Jordan on the September 24 PPV . Kurt Angle’s “son” should have quickly entered this orbit after his debut, but as we know, he has been busy at other times; see serve as good sparring for important names like Finn Balor , John Cena or Roman Reigns . So, this clash is in the air, because WWE has done nothing for now to start a rivalry a short week of the realization of No Mercy.

Nevertheless, Meltzer indicates that it is possible that the battle will still take place at the last minute , during the next delivery of Monday Night Raw. In recent weeks, Jordan was Miz’s challenger under the red-mark live events, and continued in that role under the company’s tour of New Zealand. In total, the former American Alpha has already had four fights with the IC on the table since September , also winning in several Royal Battles to opt for these opportunities.

Perhaps the injury of Samoa Joe upset the above-mentioned plans , as it was rumored that “The Samoana Submission Machine” could be the next opponent of Miz. Coincidentally or not, WWE has only stipulated a televised defense of the IC, which took place in the Raw episode of September 4, with Jeff Hardy as an aspirant . Undoubtedly, Joe’s appeal would have given another plus of prestige to the leash and the imminent PPV.

Jordan does not keep a bright recent credential considering his defeats, but could be given a chance as a reward for his good performances. That yes, it would suppose a last-minute rivalry with little substance of means . We’ll see if WWE decides to leave us without another IC defense under PPV. We will have to be attentive on Monday to the red show to leave doubts.

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