Prediction about WWE upcoming wrestling matches in 2016

According to some WWE fans, memorable history will be accomplished in 2016. Wrestlemania 32 will be conducted in 2016.About WWE upcoming wrestling matches predictions in 2016, there are lots of things to list, But we don’t know who will come back into action in wrestlemania 32 and some won’t be able to accomplish this goal.

Former WWE referee has made some predictions about wrestlemania 32.

Match for Title WWE world Heavyweight:

wwe world heavyweight championship belt

This match will be played between Triple H and Roman Reigns. This match acts as lock in wrestlemania 32. Assumptions say that Roman Reign will successfully become WWE world heavyweight champion. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will play a match in wrestlemanie 32.                                                         

Intercontinental Title:

intercontinental title

This match will be played between Dean Ambrose and Sheamus for the IC title. This title is very important for fans of wrestlemania. This title is going to upraise championship and according to fans Dean Ambrose is more worthy and capable to win this title. Ambrose needed a big win here!

Tag Team Championship Ladder Match:

Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

This match is extremely important to play in wrestlemania , In fact wrestlermania won’t be happening if it is not there. Dudley Boyz and The Uso’s are expected to make a new Best Team like Lucha Dragons and American Alpha.

AJ Styles:

As john Cena left WWE and there is obvious lack of superstars, so WWE decided to give Daniel Brayne another chance. AJ also need a superb match to show his powers. Although it doesn’t involve ownership of any title but still Daniel needs a great match for fans and himself.

John Cena:

As we all know Cena is among top greatest superstars in WWE Royal Rumble. He has faced lots of up and down in previous years in WWE. As WWE tries to sell over 100000 tickets for their great shows in which they like to include superstars. WWE has found Cena’s replacement and listed Reign as the superstar in wrestlemania 32. Fans are excepting that Reign will be able to gain title of super star from Cena in this series of wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns:

For WWE heavyweight championship title, Roman is claimed to be highly bitted favorite wrestler. His team made a whole lot of effort throughout entire year to gain this reputation and popularity among the fans. While WWE is still trying and doing their best to make Reigns more famous among the people.

Brock Lesnar:

As wrestlemania 32 is considered to be one of the greatest shows of 2016, there are good chances that Lesnar would find his way back to the greatest event. Lesnar will be taking part in Royal Rumble but it is hard to see him at the top in royal Rumble, It seems he will be required to make a rematch with Roman to appear on the top.


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