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Premier League: First Day Results 2016: Bobby Lashley Annihilates White Bull

In the first Wednesday Elite Arena Mexico registered a good entrance where stars of the show and ring luminaries paraded by a red carpet with hype and saucer. With the official logo of Lucha Azteca, the first day of the 2016 Elite League officially presented the 12 gladiators who will compete in the coveted Elite Fullweight Championship : Carthusian, Bobby Lashley, Cybernetic, Ultimate Warrior, Atlantis, Rush, Xtreme Tiger, Youth Warrior , Jr. Flying Machine, Golden Mask, Black Houses and Mask . There will be 33 days in hand-to-hand clashes to a fall, each fight will win 3 points, while draws will be worth 1 point and zero points defeats.

The anticipation was overflowing to witness the telluric star clash between Rush and Bobby Lashley . Once both contestants reached the ring, their stares collided like meteorites. On the one hand, the Toro Blanco resounded with the obvious ungovernable egotism that characterizes it. While the other moved his impressive muscles with the security of knowing a star that has stepped on the best sand in the world. The referee was the first colossal clash between both, in which the brunette took the best part. Although the difference in tonnage was not much, but obvious: Bobby Lashley knew that brute force was entirely in his favor.

Faced with the power of his adversary, the White Bull had no other than its already consummated modus operandi : unbalance, distract and rid the rival with his classic boasts. This technique was functional during the first part of the battle before the Black Superman, who received the worst punishments by the Mexican. At such an onslaught, the public overturned all their support to the huge morenazo that lay before the feet of the brave Rush. However, the domain was brief, as Lashley drew all his energy and lifted with a suspended candle-shaped ape all Rush’s humanity. In this way, a war of suplex happened before our eyes like chess rolls: the white color applied the punishment and the black it turned it, one, two, three times happened the azotones.

An oversight decided everything, Lashley climbed the third, Rush hunted his prey and shook him with a powerful corner superplex. But this was not enough to end Bobby and Rush knew: so he decided to punish with his kangaroo kicks. The error arrived in a thunder, and the White Bull ran to apply other kangaroo kicks, at the moment Lashley rose from where he lay dazed and with an impressive spear thrust the White Bull, who could no longer rise from the fatal count.

Full Results:

Dalys and Silver Doll beat Estrellita and Marcela.
Zumbi, Aztec Emperor and Metaleon beat Heddi Karaoui, Fujin and Raijin.
Golden Magic and Rocky Wolf defeated Tiger and Puma.
Elite Hand: Gold Masquerade defeated Xtreme Tiger
The Mask, Last Warrior and Flying Jr. defeated Mystic, Charismatic and Atlantis.
Hand to hand Elite League: Bobby Lashley beat Rush

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