Punk Could Have A Rock Character In His WWE Debut

A book on early creative ideas could be written in WWE; Rather than for its brilliance, its absurdity in most cases . For example, the bizarre conception of a Mark Callaway as Viking character , or the best posed of a Kurt Angle as rough , all out of the mind of Vince McMahon himself .

Within the professional wrestling, CM Punk will be remembered, among other aspects, for having a character that based his philosophy of life on the concept “Straight Edge” , and with some variants, always maintained until his WWE march in 2014. Former company creative Court Bauer recently showed up for the WrestlingINC podcast and during the show, he was asked who was responsible for signing Punk. But in addition, Bauer revealed that the former WWE Champion was going to have in his debut a “gimmick” very different to the one that we all know .

” John Laurinaitis hired him , he thought it would be a good acquisition. It was assigned to OVW and there were several ideas to introduce it. One such idea was to introduce it in the style of the 80’s, almost like the rockers, as an 80’s rocker gimmick and would be paired with Mickie James in the beginning . Almost like a favorite technician of the public, of good roll and with a big smile, carrying all the typical rock parafernalia of the 80s. “

Recall that its debut occurred in June 2006 , within the extinct ECW, after serving as a step-up for the entry of John Cena at WrestleMania 22. Precisely the same event where the key combat of the race of Mickie James took place . Luckily, Punk retained the character who made him famous in Ring of Honor, developing it until reaching the successful figure that launched that “Pipe Bomb”, which legitimately defeated twice in the face of the company and achieved the sixth longest reign Of the history of WWE.

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