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Randy Orton Reveals His Biggest Annoyance With WrestleMania 33

After one of the most interesting rivalries, and arguably the longest, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt were in duty at WrestleMania 33 with an apathetic encounter that was more focused on special effects than on the action in the ring. However, the disappointing fight he had with the Devourer of Worlds was not what bothered the current WWE Champion.

Randy Orton Wrestlemania 33


Randy Orton Wrestlemania 33

Randy Orton Wrestlemania 33

In a question and answer session that took place last weekend at the Wizard World St. Louis, Randy Orton had the opportunity to talk to the small audience of his hometown.

To the surprise of many, Orton was satisfied with his ten minutes of fighting against Wyatt. An opinion that would not share Dave Meltzer, who called it the worst event, an opinion that had already been expressed in SUPER STRUGGLES.

It was a small 10-year-old amateur who gave Orton a chance to express his real annoyance. When questioning him about his favorite event, The Viper noted that everyone has something wrong, including WrestleMania. In this case, Orton did not like his entrance with a viper that looked like a “giant sperm.” Given the age of his follower, perhaps it was not the best selection of words.

In any case, The Viper said he would prefer to have an elaborate entry like Triple H, but he has no power to decide on it, so every year something disappointed comes out of WrestleMania.

As curious, in that same session Orton revealed that to be able to bring any Superstar back, would choose the almost forgotten Maven, winner of Tough Enough.

What do you think of the words of the new WWE Champion?

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