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Raw superstar Changes Name

For a Superstar, her name in the ring is a key factor when it comes to getting to know the public. Some names are recorded in memory right away, which can be good or bad, while others turn out to be a brake on your wearer (you just have to remember Michael McGuillicutty ). That is why sporadically WWE makes some adjustments to the names of its fighters, as it happened today with a member of the red cast.

Surely many readers will have come in expecting to meet a new “Jason Angle” , this after a couple of weeks revealed that Jason Jordan was the lost son of general manager Kurt Angle , a story that has generated expectations and criticism alike and Which is likely to result in a push to former SmackDown Champion in the half-poster.

But it was not JJ the rebaptized, but Elijah Samson , who from now on will be known only as “Elias” , also clear of his nickname The Drifter, or El Vagabundo.

Samson, or rather Elias, is a special case among NXT graduates. While in the yellow mark he hardly stood out in the middle of a large cast, generally occupying the low poster, his arrival at Raw also entailed a strong push, which led him to rival, and even to beat, Finn Bálor.

Elias is by no means the first case in which the name of a fighter is cut, the same happened with Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, Alexander Rusev, Adrian Neville or more recently with TJ Perkins and “Big Cass” Colin Cassady.

Generally, this is an attempt for a name to be remembered more easily and more marketable, although not always so and many Superstars are left with pitiful pseudonyms, as is currently the case with Andrade “One hundred” Souls in NXT .

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