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Reby Hardy Explains Why The Arrival Of The Broken Universe To WWE Is Difficult

Broken Universe has been talking over the last few months, since Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, the brothers have signaled that at some point we would see their follies in the promotion of Vince McMahon . However, due to a problem in the negotiations with Anthem Sports, current owners of GFW (formerly TNA) it seems that the wait will be extended indefinitely.

Has WWE Acquired Broken Universe Rights?

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet , Reby Hardy, wife of Matt and essential participant of Broken Universe, explained why the negotiations with the owners of Global Force Wrestling are not going anywhere:

“They (Anthem Sports) continue to dodge things, push them, and I find out that Jeff Jarrett, my favorite person in the world, said ‘well, if they keep delaying things, they’re going to get tired of spending money.’ Really? Maybe I get tired of that, but I will not stop, I warn you.

I’m sure they’re betting that we’re going to get tired of this. But I think everyone underestimates my stinginess. My need for revenge was never based on money, but on principles, and they are motivated by their ego. I do not know what Matt (Hardy) thinks, but I think it’s about doing the right thing . “

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