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Renee Young Annoys with The Cancellation Of Talking Smack

Today, WWE Network subscribers were given unfortunate news as WWE announced the cancellation of Talking Smack, an interview show that during the first half of the trademark division allowed the SmackDown characters to develop in ways that were not Possible by other means .

Featuring Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, as well as occasional appearances by Shane McMahon and JBL, Talking Smack was where The Miz gave one of the best promos of his career , Alexa Bliss polished his magnificent microphone and James Ellsworth became one of The most beloved characters, before he began to tire. Not to mention Bryan’s amusing two-way comments.

WWE Canceled Talking Smack As Weekly Show

Even so, WWE decided to withdraw Talking Smack from its weekly schedule and leave it only on PPV nights, just as Raw Talk works on the red mark.

The news was not well received by the WWE Universe, but the one that most expressed its annoyance was the host Renee Young, who apparently was not even informed of the decision. As can be deduced from his reaction, Renee learned of the cancellation when reading an amateur’s tweet.

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