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Results Impact Wrestling: 02/12 / 2015- Heading To The Quarterfinals Of The World Title Series

SÚPER LUCHAS presents a summary of what happened last December 2 in Impact Wrestling, which highlights the struggles of the second round of the World Title Series tournament .


1) World Title Series: DJZ vs ECIII
The fight between the two ended when Ethan Carter applied a powerbomb to DJZ, lifted him to finish him off with his One Percenter for the win at the count of three and sentence his pass to the quarterfinals .
Gail Kim talks about her opponent: Tiger One, Kim does not care if she faces a man or a woman, her goal will remain the same: she will beat all her rivals to become the knockout champion again.

2). World Title Series: Gail Kim vs. Tiger One:

Gail Kim tries desperately to beat Tigre One by making him a lever supported by the cornerback, when he rejoins the ring, tries to unsuccessfully apply the Eat Defeat, but he does get the sunset flip, however, Tigre One takes the time to do A packet and take victory for three and advance to the quarterfinals.

3). World Title Series: Davey Richards defeated Bram

After a long fight, Richards tries to take the fight when he applies a stomp, but Bram applies a fire carry man, but Davey Richards gets the win by the count of three after the Inside Cradle and also advances to the quarterfinals.

Eli Drake sentenced Mahalabi Shera to advance to the next round.

4). World Title Series: Mahalabi Shera vs. Eli Drake:

Mahalabi Shera practically dominated the fight, because after a catapult, Eli Drake tried to rise to the corner, but Shera lowers it with a military uprising and finished to take the victory by the account of three after applying the Sky High to go direct to the quarter finals.

5). World Title Series: Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

An intense fight between Matt and Roode, Bobby Roode tries to beat Matt Hardy with the Roode Bomb, but Matt Hardy escapes and makes the Twist to Fate to advance to the quarterfinals by count of three.

Drew Galloway sends a message to everyone, reminding Bobby Lashley that he has been beaten by him on an earlier occasion.

6). World Title Series: Jessie Godderz vs. Awesome Kong

Kong tries to apply with his great bulk a Splash, but Jessie Godderz dodges at the last moment and applies a package to take the victory to the count of three and thus eliminate Awesome Kong from the quarterfinals.

7). World Title Series: Eric Young vs. Kenny King

Eric Young and Kenny King plan to leave everything to go to the quarterfinals, but the fight ended when King tried to make a Powerbomb, so Eric Young repelled the attack and sentenced the fight with a Piledriver.

8). World Title Series: Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Lashley

Drew Galloway tries to apply his Claymore to sentence the round of 16, but Lashley welcomes him with his Spear to iron it to the count of three and be the last fighter to move to the quarterfinals.

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