Results Impact Wrestling

Results Impact Wrestling (August 18, 2016) The Hardy Boyz TNA Championship Challengers

The episode began with “Cowboy” James Storm in the ring demanding a rematch against Lashley, arrived the new president of the company Billy Corgan and told him that things now are about victories and defeats and that he lost. Storm was furious and wanted to destroy the hexadecimal; Corgan sent him out of the facility with security and suspended him indefinitely.

Moose and Eddie Edwards started the action with the first bout of the night where Moose quickly took the win; Mike Bennett stepped in to distract Edwards. In spite of being successful, there is tension between them because Bennett told Moose that he works for him and that he will do as he says.

Gail Kim defeated Jade by disqualification, after Knockout Champion Sienna attacked her. Maria appeared at the scene and informed Kim about her failure.

DJ Zema Ion, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter and Rockstar Spud fought off the No. 1 contender for the Division X Championship. DJ Z was the winner for three after beating Mandrews with DDT.
EC3 in the ring to respond to the challenge launched by Drew Galloway last week when he started talking was interrupted by Galloway who thinks that Carter was not going to accept what he proposed, Aron Rex appeared on the ramp and said he had an idea, Added that the managers want a clear winner and so will be the special referee of the fight between them to see who is facing Lashley for the World Championship Full Weight in Bound For Glory

Eli Drake took easy victory over Mahabali Shera who connected him with Blunt Force Trauma for the count of three.

Lashley, arrived in the ring and asked for the presence of Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter, after a long promo said that already has all the championships and therefore the belts of Division X and King of the Mountain must disappear and unify in the Championship World Heavyweight, added that the title King of the Mountain is trash and threw it to the ground, while no longer has competition in Division X, so it makes no sense that there is such a championship. Due to Lashley’s thinking he was ordered to have a pitched battle next week and the winner will be seen with Lashley for the maximum prize. And as he threw the belts to the ground that indicates that he has renounced them so that there will be new champions.

In the stellar night of The Hardys Boyz defeated The Tribunal, The BroMans and The Helms Dinasty, in that way they became the challengers to the Championship of Pairs. The end came when Jeff Hardy pushed Andrew Everett while trying to take the contract, which took advantage of Matt Hardy to release the contract with the starting opportunity, thus colliding with The Decay at the biggest event of TNA.

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