Results WWE Battleground 2017 – Mahal Vs. Orton On The Punjabi Prison

WWE presents: BATTLEGROUND – Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Sunday, July 23, 2017

SmackDown’s last exclusive event before SummerSlam comes with the return of one of the less frequent stipulations in the company’s history. The third Punjabi Prison will descend on the ring for Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton to compete in the WWE Championship.

In addition, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens will again collide after an unexpected change of hands from the United States Championship at Madison Square Garden, while the women will decide who will go for the gold at SummerSlam, and the Breezango attackers will finally be revealed.

To see the kickoff with Tye Dillinger Vs. Aiden English, click here.


Punjabi Prison for the WWE Championship: Jinder Mahal (c) (with The Singh Brothers) vs. Randy Orton
United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens
SmackDown: The Uses (c) vs. The New Day
Baron Corbin Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Fatal 5-Way to determine the challenger to the Women’s Championship SmackDown: Charlotte Flair vs. Lana Vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch Vs. Natalya
Flag Fight: John Cena Vs. Rusev
Sami Zayn Vs. Mike Kanellis (with Maria Kanellis)

This is Battleground!

FEEL THE POWER! Philadelphia’s public is immediately encouraged with the arrival of The New Day. The Championship will be defended in the first fight of the night.

SmackDown: The Uses (c) Vs. The New Day (with Big E)

In their unusual combination, it will be Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods who will fight tonight . Kofi starts with a quick dropkick! Rapid relays and The New Day seems to take over, but Usage changes without Xavier seeing and it is they who take the baton.
For several minutes, the twins punish Xavier, but this manages to react just before receiving a superplex and launches with a missile dropkick. Kofi comes in full of energy and puts Jimmy in trouble Kofi jumps to ringside over Usage! It is received in the air! Double powerbomb!

Xavier tries to jump too but Usage are still ready and receive it with an uppercut.

Back in the ring, Jimmy is ready to finish, but Xavier surprises him with a facebuster, but his momentum is cut with a throw to the post double samoan drop of the champions! Xavier is doing everything to survive but after the powerbomb, he is alone. Finally he manages to put Jey in the right position ! Jimmy intercepts him with a superkick!
The audience shouts ” This is awesome! “While Jimmy catches Xavier at Tequila Sunrise.

The challenger resists for a long time and finally reaches the ropes Kofi returns! The New Day acts as a team! Kofi covers: 1, 2 and no!

The Uses surprise with a superkick Frog Splash! Jey covers Kofi: 1, 2 and no!

Kofi is lying down and the twins get ready to launch with a double splash Xavier comes to the rescue and pushes Jey! Kofi dodges Jimmy! Trouble in Paradise! Flying coop! Xavier covers: 1, 2 and 3!
The New Day become the new SmackDown Couples Champions in what could be considered the best fight in Xavier Woods’ career.

The action does not stop, because we immediately review the attack before the fight Man in the Money, which led to the next meeting.

2- Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Baron Corbin
Corbin wants to talk trash but Nakamura shuts him with a right hand. The Lone Wolf tries to respond but first-hand tests the Strong Style. Nakamura leaves and Corbin intimidates him before he can return, which gives him the advantage.

Mr. MITB dominates with a bear hug and, although Nakamura constantly threatens, Corbin takes the baton. The Japanese slip away from a chokeslam and start a series of kicks.

Corbin recovers quickly ! Tremendous clothesline! The Wolf goes for a suplex but Nakamura surprises him with a kick and leaves him on his knees . Nakamura goes for Kinshasa! Deep Six! Corbin covers: 1, 2 and no!
Another intense exchange of blows and the Japanese pulls a backstabber out of nowhere knee to the face! More kicks! Nakamura prepares again!

Kinshasa can not even connect because Corbin does not get up. Nakamura goes for him in search of an STO Baron Corbin gives him a low blow! The referee disqualifies him!

The public booed the end of the meeting, but Corbin smiles and leaves with his briefcase. Halfway down the ramp he decides to return. Corbin hits Nakamura with the briefcase End of Days!
Now we are going with the women’s division, where the five women without a trophy will try to reach SummerSlam as the official gold challenger.

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