Results WWE SmackDown Live (18-Jul-17) – 2 vs. 2

Results WWE SmackDown Live (18-Jul-17) – Styles and Nakamura Vs. Owens and Corbin
WWE presents: SMACKDOWN LIVE – Legacy Arena at The BJCC – Birmingham, Alabama – Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE RESULTS (About 7.00 PM Central Time):

It shows a video with the threat of Jinder Mahal to bring Prison Punjabi to SmackDown Live and The Singh Brothers are in charge of presenting the current WWE Champion.

We see for the first time in ten years the Punjabi Prision in WWE!

Jinder Mahal says both Randy Orton and his legacy will rest inside Punjabi Prison this Sunday. The audience responds: “USA! USES! USES!”

The internal structure has four doors and in each there will be a referee. A competitor may request that only one of the four doors be lifted and will only last for 60 seconds, then the door can not be reopened.

The other structure, larger, surrounding the ring, has no door and the only way to win is to escape from both structures by climbing the same. “The most important rule is that there are no rules!” Said Jinder Mahal before speaking in Punjabi.

“Or you’re the most daring son of a bitch I’ve ever met or you’re not very smart” … Randy Orton appears! Orton mocks that Jinder Mahal wants to be locked up in Punjabi Prison with him.

1- Jimmy Use (with Jey Usage – © Champions in Couple SmackDown) vs. Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods and Big E – The New Day)

While Kofi stomps on Jimmy, Xavier Woods plays the trombone. It counts in two behind powerful kicks in the corner … Kofi is stopped by threatening to jump, Jimmy is confident, but without impulse he falls on Kingston! Commercial cuts.

During the commercials, it is Jimmy Uso who dominates the combat, but that is for a short time …

Jey Usage stands on the edge of the ring and makes Kofi neglect! Then Kofi kicks Jimmy and launches with Super Iron from the corner to drop Jimmy on … But the Use turns and manages to reverse the account to take the victory!

Natalya suggests to Shane McMahon a fight between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch tonight and the Commissioner seconded the idea. “I want a competitive fight!” Says Charlotte and they both get angry. The fight goes. Tamina says no one will touch Lana.

Chad Gable is interviewed by Renee Young and says he would have liked Jason Jordan to give him a preview of the news and not find out about watching Raw live on television. Gable also points out that he talked to Jason after Raw and are no longer teammates, although he continues to support him, as he also hopes to have new opportunities on his horizon.

2- Mike Kanellis (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Sami Zayn

This is the debut of Mike Kanellis in a WWE ring! Sami Zayn dominated the fight until the beautiful Maria Kanellis climbed the ring to prevent Sami from hitting him. This Mike used to give him a right and then whip him against the canvas with a Firefighter Charge for the count of three.

John Cena makes his entrance into the ring to talk about his Flag Fight against Rusev this Sunday at the PPV Battleground 2017!

“This Sunday, of all the things that you will see live on WWE Network … What will you remember?” John Cena asks and reveals the flags of Bulgaria and the United States at the top of two crossed corners … You will remember The flag of USA waving victorious or the victory of the flag of Bulgaria!

John Cena says he has a great responsibility over his men, but he says to Rusev: “I am ready! The United States never gives up! “- The audience chants the name of their country.

“This Sunday, this flag will fly on high!” This John Cena says after remembering great moments in the history of the United States … John Cena flies the USA flag, but Rusev appears and hits him in the back! Then he kicks him in the head and punishes him with The Achievement, The Accolade! Cena gets up and hits Rusev, but he does not give up and continues to apply his punishment! John Cena can not reverse the key and fall unconscious!

In Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura points to the WWE United States Championship and tells AJ Styles: “Someday … When you call, I’ll respond!” Shinsuke Nakamura wants the United States Championship!

3- Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

A great bout of two of the best female players in the ring right now in WWE. The end came when Charlotte missed a Moonsault and Becky punished her with The Plunger.

The women of SmackDown Live appear and engage in a war. Lana is one of the two standing with Tamina, who is her protector. “I did not come here to play, I came here to shine!” Says Naomi before Miss Money in the Bank 2017, Carmella, appeared to put the Briefcase in the face of Champion SmackDown.

The Women’s Five-Way #EliminationMatch will be EVERY WOMAN FOR HERSELF … or will it? #SDLive #WWEBattleground @LanaWWE @TaminaSnuka

- WWE (@WWE) July 19, 2017

Another episode of the X-Files of the Fashion Police. Fandango and Tyler Breeze rule out being attacked by ghosts or aliens … But they hear a ghostly noise! ​​… That turns out to be Aiden English singing opera! – A white light illuminates them and a messenger arrives!

Destroyed appears the stick horse of one of them within the encomienda! It has a note in which they are told that this Sunday in Battleground 2017 will reveal the mystery of all this.

4- AJ Styles (© – WWE Champion) and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin attacks Shinsuke Nakamura while making his entrance, Owens ran to do the same, but Styles comes to make the salve!

A #PopUpPowerbomb seals the deal as @FightOwensFight pins the #USChampion @AJStylesOrg on the last #SDLive before #WWEBattleground !!!

- WWE (@WWE) July 19, 2017

All it takes is a three-count for the #USTitle to change hands … #SDLive @FightOwensFight @BaronCorbinWWE @AJStylesOrg @ShinsukeN

- WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) July 19, 2017

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