Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Meets Karen Jarrett: GFW Is Your Future?

As we already informed, Rey Mysterio is already negotiating to return to WWE or integrate with GFW , since the project of Underground Struggle seems to be making water. Struggle Underground has not been the expected success, and its ratings are down the floors even compared to those of GFW Impact on Pop TV.

Justin Barraso wrote in his section Extra Mustard, Sports Illustrated , the following:

“There is a great name available within the free agent market in professional wrestling, and Sports Illustrated has been able to know that WWE and GFW are in negotiations with Rey Mysterio .”

The contract of the gladiator with Underground Fight expires until the third season stops, that is, until the middle of October. After that, it has a non-competition clause of 90 days, so it will be free to contract with another company until January 2018.

And how possible is Mysterio to end up in GFW?

Yesterday night , Karen Jarrett posted in her Instagram account a photo in which she appears with Mysterio. You did not write any messages, only ellipses.

Is it possible that Mysterio’s balance is more inclined towards GFW? Consider that WWE might not need it right now as 42-year-olds are not few for the style they handle.

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