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Rey Mysterio

Famous Rey Mysterio Tattoos | Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio tattoos had always been a mystery to himself; there are some inked symbols on Mysterio’s body. He said once that I am figuring out how much body I have left to be tattoed in the future. Being tattoo crazy, Rey Mysterio is one of the best tattoo holders in the WWE history. A 5’6” superstar dominated in most of his WWE career as he was athletic and quick, we can say too fast to be handled by the weighted WWE superstars. The Mexican sensation has so many tattoos counted to double figures, here we will highlight some of the most famous and loved tattoos on the body of Rey Mysterio tattoos.

The prayer tattoo shows his religious devotion and belief to Christianity; he has a complete prayer on the left side of the lower rib. The prayer is tattoed in Mexicanlanguage, and it consists of a seven line prayer that shows a verse seeking protection and blessing from Jesus. In real life too, he is a religious person and often donates to the church and missionary cause. Mysterio also has a tattoo of a cross on his upper chest region. The tattoo is simply an artistic piece, absolutely perfect and flawless from a professional point of view. It is often visible on Mysterio’s chest whenever he makes an entry to the arena.

Every WWE fan must have seen that big MEXICAN word written on Mysterio’s chest, he term it as pride to him being a Mexican and representing his culture and society on foreign soil. Rey is dedicated to his country; he is a prominent figure in promoting wrestling competitions and talent hunt programs. When asked about the plain tattoo, he said ‘That’s who I am,’ he admitted that being tattooed in that part of the body, it was the worst pain ever to be felt by me. In 2014, Rey Mysterio added another tattoo to his body that resembled more like an ancient Aztec calendar, an ancient Mexican symbol of pride and cultural dominance.

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Rey Mysterio is a serious tattoo lover, having said that, he already tattooed both his children names on his biceps. Dominik and Aaliyah are inked down recently by Rey Mysterio on left and right arms.

The legendary and trademark sign of Rey Mysterio, the 619 mark is his oldest tattoo along with the tribal sun ink art. The winged tattoo looks adorable on the chest along with the cross.

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