Ric Flair

Ric Flair Left Surgery, Still In Critical Condition

We continue to report on the health status of the iconic world wrestling figure, Ric Flair , who was hospitalized for heart trouble this weekend .
A few moments ago, journalist Dave Meltzer announced that the exluchador had already left surgery, although, yes, he was still in a delicate state of health . These were his short words written in the Exclusive Forum of the subscribers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter :

“He’s already out of surgery.

“It’s good that I’ve already left surgery.

“It’s still really bad. I have only been told some details, and although it is not exactly identical, the situation is very similar to what happened to my dad. However, your kidneys are working, which is the main difference, and there are no cancer problems. “

TMZ.com through its website and TMZ Sports confirmed that Flair had already left surgery and that he is surrounded by his family, which is waiting to meet with the medical team that treats Ric Flair.

Jimmy Van, owner of Fightful.com reported that Ric Flair is struggling with a bacterial infection and alcohol-related problems. Meanwhile, Corey Jacobs of the web site WrestlingNews.co reminds us of this fragment of Ric Flair’s autobiography published in 2014 and in which he talks about his heart problems:

“As a result of my many years of partying, I also developed something called ‘alcoholic cardiomyopathy’, a weakening of the heart muscles. The first time I noticed that something was wrong was when my heart stopped beating briefly.

“I went to a cardiologist friend who told me that when one’s heart bobs, it expands like a rubber band. But mine was doing too much. Initially I thought that steroids might be responsible, but the doctor rejected this theory. My heart was fluttering for thirty-five years to make it hard for the party. “

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