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Ric Flair Mentions His Four Current Favorite Fighters

While SUCCESSFUL supporters opted for The Undertaker under a poll last year , Ric Flair has long been considered the best wrestler in WWE history. And its devotees have a date on November 7 when ESPN releases a documentary about “The Nature Boy” in its series 30 for 30, dedicated to the best sports stories of the last 30 years.

The 16-time world champion gave an interview to GameSpot to promote the documentary, and first offered his impressions on the fine line between Richard Fliehr (real name of the former wrestler) Ric Flair .

” That’s my problem. I could never separate them . Pros and cons, man. I was a bit confined to that. I could not stop being Ric Flair , that’s right. It takes a single person to be a professional wrestler. It is very difficult and demanding, physically and mentally. You have to be able to separate yourself from your family. You work four days a week and you have three days off. I worked every day! The amount of travel is grotesque. The work is hard. 300 miles between shows in the evenings.

As another highlight, “The Dirtyest Game Player” left its four favorite names of current talent in WWE :

“There are four people: Randy Orton , AJ Styles , my daughter and Seth Rollins . I do not have to think twice. Orton is one of the most gifted guys I’ve ever seen. Orton represents the complete pack. It measures 1.95 meters, a phenomenal body, is a good speaker and a phenomenal worker on the ring. Seth Rollins is the same, just a little bit smaller. AJ is close to being Shawn Michaels in terms of work ethic . He’s really good and his interviews have improved. And in the end, my daughter … I’m not promoting her. He does not need me to receive momentum . You’ve seen it, it’s really good. The rest of the girls have it difficult to be at their level . “

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