Ric Flair

Ric Flair’s Last Interview Before Being Hospitalized

Last August 12, Ric Flair was hospitalized for emergency surgery and was operated on a couple of days later. Currently, the legendary gladiator is in recovery, but battling with an infection that keeps his life at risk .

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, three days before the stomach pains caused the wrestler to be hospitalized, Justin Barrasso interviewed Flair for the Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard section , which he published this week. This is a part of the talk:

About Charlotte :

“Ashley needs to keep working hard, she needs to continue to do her best every night, and always know, without any doubt, that she is the best. Sometimes I can not believe she’s my daughter, because she’s much better than me.

“His story is incredible, because he had a lot of things against him. Number one, is the daughter of Ric Flair. Number two, went to college and got a degree. She was a division one athlete and played volleyball division one. In addition, he was already making money from his own businesses before entering the fight. But everything worked for her; He found his passion. I have no problem with saying it: she is her own role model. Is the best”.

About the supposed original plan for the first SummerSlam, held at Madison Square Garden in 1988 (hiring Flair, then NWA World Heavyweight Champion, to face “Macho Man” Randy Savage for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship ) :

“It is true. He was already on his way to work for Vince and fight Savage in the Garden. My contract was over and Vince McMahon had been in touch with me. But I decided that my best move was to stay in the NWA, because I was very attached to my friends in the Four Horsemen. I thanked McMahon for the offer, but back then I could not. I appreciated my friends a lot and was very loyal to the NWA. Finally, things worked out and I ended up working for Vince in 1991. I respect Vince a lot for giving me the job, but at that point I could not find a way to go. “

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