Baron Corbin

Road Dogg Denies A “Burial” Of Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin has spent just a week of being a staunch WWE Champion, losing his Money in the Bank briefcase and being defeated by John Cena in just 10 minutes under SummerSlam (2017) . This PPV, that many thought would suppose the stage of coronation of “The Solitary Wolf”, resulted perhaps being a particular burial for the fighter , since many see in the victory of Cena another act of “burial” like punishment to the conduct of his rival.

My colleague Ezequiel Bergonzi has already picked up the very possible motive for this creative decision , based on Corbin’s altercation with a veteran military via Twitter , which Dave Meltzer acknowledged having been able to take a toll on the former NXT’s career. Because as Ezequiel also pointed out, Finlay was fired in 2011 for an incident involving members of the National Guard. And it is already known that WWE is an extremely patriotic company that praises the work of the forces and security forces of the Yankee state.

But again, there is someone who has to pay the broken dishes facing the audience, and that has been Cena, who already went through the same thing 7 years ago with The Nexus; Even enduring a “curse” that on Sunday broke up … at Corbin’s expense. The disappointment for the future of this fighter is aggravated, and this is evident in social networks. Road Dogg , producer and creative of SmackDown Live, wanted to calm the moods and responded to the questions of an amateur :

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