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Roman Reigns Sends A Message To The WWE Universe

Hated and loved, controversial and interesting, so is the important WWE Superstar , Roman Reigns , who also wanted to use his role as WWE’s outside-the-screen dressing room leader to send a direct message to the WWE Universe.

Roman Reigns Would Have Sent Enzo Amore Out Of The Locker Room

He did so through his official Twitter account and his trillion arose because of his discomfort at the little reaction and excitement that the audience had at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Pay-Per-View event (PPV) Battleground 2017 .
This is the message sent by Roman Reigns:


“I tell you all, I am The Great Fight. I heard that Philadelphia was a bit quiet tonight, so you’d better take the best of it when we get back with Raw !! My backyard”.

Reporter Nick Paglino of the Wrestle Zone news web site Wrestle Zone commented on the situation in a note posted on this website under the title “Why the crowd in Philadelphia was so quiet during the Punjabi Prison Struggle in WWE Battleground 2017? ” And this is what he said:

“I was present on the PPV last night, and the main reason the public was so quiet during the stellar fight inside Punjabi Prison was because very little could be seen within the structure of the Prison.

“The fight could be seen a little better on television, as far as the view was concerned, as the cameras could roll inside the structure, but many fans near my area were complaining that they could not see anything inside the Prison Punjabi. Also, the fans were very confused with the rules of the fight, since it was very difficult to hear while they were announcing them.
“This, in issue to the fact that the crowd was dead both for the entrance of Jinder Mahal, and for when the Great Khali returned, which made them look like a very quiet crowd in Philadelphia. Many fans, due to the lack of interest and the problems to see the combat, left the arena during the star fight.
“Also noteworthy is the fact that WWE announced that tickets for the Royal Rumble 2018 were on sale for fans in the arena that night, so people went out to line up and buy tickets.

“I was also at the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia the night Roman Reigns won, and I can say that the boos that were experienced that night are a much more frequent reaction from fans in Philadelphia than the dead crowd last night on Sunday, July 23 in Battleground 2017. Reigns at least connects and generates some kind of reaction, while Mahal is not receiving anything from the public at all. “

Connoisseurs, what do you think of Roman Reigns’s message? Do you agree with their statements?

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