Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Talks About His Segment On Raw post-WM 33

The Undertaker offered its last match in WrestleMania 33 and WWE will have to learn to live without the best personage of its history. The numbers say that since then the company has not had a good time , with poor subscriber growth on the WWE Network and ticket and merchandise sales below the usual average. And what will be the face of the company in this uncertain future, Roman Reigns , apparently does not have the same confidence on the part of the directive that a year ago .

The retirement of Taker still queues in the hobby, and will perhaps be a stigma for the Samoan’s career, weight that in any way, will have to try to assume. Is this bad run a direct consequence of that fight? There are other factors, but reasonably, this end of an era, or rather, the way it occurred, has not shed much of the followers.

Reigns was invited to the podcast Off The Board, and for the first time, he spoke openly about the night of April 3 on Monday Night Raw, 24 hours after he retired the “Deadman . ” As you will know, Roman opened the show and for several minutes played with one of the most hostile audiences to remember, to simply finish with the phrase “This is my yard now”. Thus the Anoa’i reflects on that segment that marked a turning point in his career:

“There are different types of appreciation for what one considers a good fight, such as a 30-minute race, or take the public on a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve had enough fortune to be in a few of those bouts and it was amazing, the crowd was great and they were crazy all the time, very involved in the fight, but that promo was probably the most rewarding thing I did … I enjoyed that segment more than Anyone else and had fought and beat The Undertaker the night before .

But it was very bittersweet to be able to have all the control . I realized that everyone was on a rope and I was pulling it. There is a small detail where you can realize how well I developed, ‘I have them in the palm of my hand’. He had hundreds of people doing exactly what he wanted them to do and it was like a great plan that unfolded in front of your eyes .

I could have stayed another 20 minutes. We had other segments and other brothers who had to go out there and do their job. But all the time, I looked at each camera and they said ‘go home’ and that sign is a finger making a small circle, saying ‘finish, go home, come on,’ and I stayed there and saw the Cameras making that gesture for 10 minutes and I knew that we had already penetrated a lot in segment 1 and we were going to cross segment 2 and 3 and I felt bad for the guys who were waiting , I think some were the Hardy Boyz against Sheamus and Cesaro , I had already eaten a good part of his combat, but There was that electricity there and one does not leave the table when it is in a rut . “

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