Roman Reigns Would Have Sent Enzo Amore Out Of The Locker Room

A few years ago in WWE, there was the so-called “wrestler’s cut”, where Vince McMahon’s cast athletes met to settle their conflicts, and a judge, who used to be called the dresser leader (usually The Undertaker ), mediated Situation with a sentence to solve the problem.

WWE: Behind The Scenes During The New Generation Era

That is no longer the case in the US promotion locker room (or at least there is no sign of that), but what if it stands to this day is the figure of the leader of the cast , and what happened in a Conflict several weeks ago, you can say that the current ringleader is Roman Reigns .

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Enzo Amore starred in an incident on the Raw cast bus . Apparently, Amore expressed his opinion regarding the wrestling business and what he said did not fit several of those present , to the point that Roman Reigns took action on the matter and asked the Certified Gangster to leave the bus, For later prohibiting him from changing in the company’s locker room , this situation could affect the momentum of Amore as a solo fighter

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