Rookie years of John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena was born in April 23,1977. John Cena is WWE wrestler and currently he has taken break because of his injury. Rookie years of John Cena includes history of wrestling. He is also an actor, rapper and wrestler credited to WWE. John Cena is part of this organization since 2005.

john cena, wrestler

 In 1999, before joining WWE, John Cena started his career at UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). He won award called “HeavyWeight” in 1999. Then In 2001, he has signed a contract with the new organization called WWF(World Wrestling Foundation). Later than WWF was renamed this organization to WWE.

Till January 2015, he has won 25 championships which include 14 World championships. Also he has won “HeavyWeight” championship title 12 times.

John Cena has also worked on his feature film outside the wrestling. List of his popular movies is very long, it includes The Marine,12 Rounds, Legendary, TrainWreck and Sisters.He has also developed his career as rap singer.

 UPW (1999 – 2001)

In 1999,Cena was trained to become ultimate pro wrestling champion in Ultimate University from California. In April 2000, for 27 days he was “HeavyWeight” champion .In March 2001 he combatted for UPW.

John cena, UPW

WWF/WWE History

Ohio Valley Wrestling (2000 – 2002) 

In 2001, Cena was signed to WWE .Cena played a match against Mikey Richardson which he could not win. In January 9,2001 Cena defeated Aaron Aguilera in California.

In WWF and Dark matched series, Cena wrestled with lots of talented wrestlers. In the early 2002, he constantly got beaten in multiple match series against the Shelton Benjamin and Tommy Dreamer.

 SuperStardom  (2002 – 2004)

After WrestlerMania XIX,in 2003 Cena sough WWF championship and pursued the reigning champion Brock Lesnar ,after going through Chris Benoit first Chris Benoit mocked him by wearing a shirt called Toothless Aggression. He got defeated in one match where his opponent was The Undertaker. He won number one contender’s tournament at Backlash against his opponent Brock Lensar.

 Champion At WWE (2005 – 2007)

John cena lost a match against Carlito ,In 2005, Cena won a fight against his opponent Carlitop for the WWE champion award later than a week in a rematch. In 2007, he wrestled with Kennedy, during that he suffered from a torn pectoral muscle. James Andrews performed john cena’s surgery and he was advised to take rest for several weeks by the doctors. Despite of this surgery, On December 24, he attended annual WWE show in Tikrit Iraq.

World Championship Reigns (2008 – 2010)

For the WWE championship, John Cena took part in Night Of Champions, it also involve earlier WWE champion Orton and Triple H too. Cena could not win this match. But At breaking Point another match was played between cena and Randy Orton, in which cena won against Orton and became winner of WWE championship award.

John Cena, superstar

John cena met a car accident in April 26,2015 and a rumor got spread everywhere that he may have died in this accident. He is alive and will return on WWE in wrestlemania. Now-a-days he is hosting a fitness show.

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