Rousey prepares

Rousey prepares To Debut In WWE – Who Trains Her?

It has been years that has been speculated about the always imminent, always distant, Ronda Rousey’s debut in the WWE ring. Much has happened since the possibility of entering the ring, from his appearance at WrestleMania 31 until the end of his undefeated UFC at the hands of Holly Holm. However, it seems that now concrete facts support the hope that it makes the leap to show sport.

This is reported by , portal according to which the former Gallo Weightlifter UFC would be taking the first steps for an eventual transition from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling. According to this information, a 205 Live fighter would be helping Ronda Rousey in her training as a fighter.

“We were told on Tuesday morning that Ronda Rousey has expressed interest in spending a season as a professional wrestler, and went as far as learning the basics of a WWE wrestler .

A behind-the-scenes WWE employee told us that Ronda spoke to Triple H to plan his appearance with the Four Horsemen in the Mae Young Classic . According to sources, WWE has referred to Rousey and company to Superstar Brian Kendrick for his training in Southern California. “

This is not the first major female project commissioned by veteran Kendrick. When WWE had high hopes for Eva Marie, was the cruise who was commissioned to teach the basics of the sport, leading a small push for the redhead in NXT during 2015, a period in which even used the Sliced ​​Bread # 2 As a final maneuver.

At that time, and despite still being mediocre at best, Eva Marie made a significant breakthrough in comparison to her struggles before training with Kendrick. As an alumna to an Olympic judo medalist and former UFC Champion, the potential is unlimited. For its part, WWE would win one of the most well-known faces of contact sports, just matched by Conor McGregor in UFC and Floyd Mayweather in boxing.

Nor should we forget that Ronda Rousey has strong ties to wrestling. Not only is she a great fan, she has molded her character based on “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and is a personal friend of Mae Young Classic’s Shayna Baszler and Roderick Strong, a current development talent.

This will be the beginning of another season of speculation about the future of Ronda Rousey, and without a doubt WWE, UFC and Hollywood will fight hard to keep it.

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