Rumor: Kurt Angle May Not Fight Again In WWE

Kurt Angle may not fight again in WWE . We are within hours of revealing the great secret of the General Manager of Raw and one of the chances is that this will return to compete in the ring … However, this to the end would not be happening.
The information was released exclusively by Nick and Bill from the Podcast called “The Dirty Sheets” through its special section denoticias of last hour “DS Breaking News” , linked to the web page of the English sports news SportsKeeda . Here’s the video with Nick’s statements about the future in Kurt Angle’s ring in WWE:

“Hello everyone, this is Nick from New York and this is another edition of ‘DS Breaking News’ on The Dirty Sheets Podcast. Today’s exclusive news has to do with everyone’s favorite Olympic, Kurt Angle, because we have news of his return to the ring with WWE.

“As many of you know, we’ve been reporting that WWE was planning a show between Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins for that to be Kurt Angle’s first fight back to WWE , but we’ve gotten more information about what would lead to this Fight had occurred. According to our sources in WWE, the fight would be built around the video game ‘WWE 2K18′ .

“That’s right, friends, WWE would repeat the same formula last year as they faced the Cover Character with the Downloadable Character (Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg in ‘WWE 2K17′). 2K and WWE loved the result of that and all were happy, they wanted to repeat the same thing this year.

“But the only problem with that is that WWE has decided that they do not want Kurt Angle to fight again in WWE anymore. They have decided that Kurt is not a ring talent, which is only a television talent inside the screen, but not a fighter. There are currently no plans for Kurt Angle to make his return to the ring in WWE, I repeat, THERE ARE NO PLANS.

“Ni siquiera le han realizado exámenes médicos. No es elegible de ninguna manera. No hay planes para luchar en SummerSlam, no hay planes para Survivor Series, no hay planes para Royal Rumble y no hay planes para WrestleMania 34. No habrá ninguna lucha entre él y Seth Rollins. No habrá ninguna lucha entre él y Triple H. Cualquier otra cosa que escuches (o leas) que diga lo contario, no es verdad. WWE no tiene, repito, NO TIENE ningún plan para que Kurt Angle regrese al ring.

“Una vez más, esto es WWE y nunca digas nunca, quizá en dos años pueda volver a luchar con ellos. Pero de momento no hay planes en un futuro cercano para que Kurt Angle regrese al ring con WWE”.

Esta información coincide con las recientes declaraciones de Jerry “The King” Lawler:

Surely tonight we will see partially or definitively whether this report is true or not, but, for now, do not forget to watch for the best coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw only here in SUPER STRUGGLES .

Connoisseurs, Kurt Angle may not fight again in WWE, let us know your opinion on this rumor.

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