Rumor Of The Corridor: Theory On The Exchanges Of This Year

In the last edition of the PPV Money in the Bank Baron Corbin and Carmella won their respective struggles to become creditors of the contract Money in The Bank, then, as is usual there is a lot of expectation in when they will exchange said briefcases.

Today we bring you the hypothesis that Justin Barraso shaped in a recent article for Sports Illustrated .

According to the journalist it is feasible that the briefcases are not exclusive to SmackDown, that is, they can be used to challenge the Raw Championships.

What’s more, the editor dares to expand his theory until SummerSlam (2017):

“The threat of a Baron Corbin swapping his non-specific-contract Money in The Bank looms as a convincing end to SummeSlam.”

One point in favor of the above would be the ambiguity with which WWE manages its rules; One day they tell us something and later they change the previously established.

If these exchanges take place, they will surprise the attending public at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, New York.

Maybe the new Champion of Raw is Carmella, Corbin Universal Champion? The truth here is that WWE seeks to surprise its audience and keep them to the expectation, so it would not be surprising that we attend the controversy in “The great event of the summer” .

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