Ryback plans

Ryback Plans To Go To Bellator

The relationship between wrestling and MMA is becoming less strange . Examples like Brock Lesnar , Bobby Lashley or old glories like Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock have shown that it is perfectly possible to compete in both sports.

However there are also examples that despite being symbols of work and respect between his comrades do not always end well in its transition , being the case of CM Punk the most appropriate at the moment.

As Punk, despite training for two years (which are not enough to reach without UFC experience), lost to Mickey Gall in what was their first match in the maximum promotion of MMA.

But this does not matter to the controversial Ryback , who according to Dave Meltzer has clear intentions to enter the world of the mixed martial arts, but instead of going to UFC the ex- WWE would go to Bellator.

It must be clarified that the fighter has no experience in both amateur and professional fights. Meltzer explained that Ryback wants to go because “he’s a big guy” and therefore strong.

The biggest drawback is that the former Intercontinental Champion u only a therapy that is not allowed in almost any promotion , so it seems that Ryback’s move through the MMA may be further away than close.

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