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Ryback Revela Por que Vince McMahon Detuvo El Push De Tyler Breeze

Vince McMahon stopped the Push of Tyler Breeze in 2015. This was revealed by independent wrestler Podcaster and exSuperestrella WWE Ryback in the latest edition of his online show.
But before going to Ryback’s remarks, it is important to make a quick review of the situation:

The 29-year-old Canadian wrestler came to WWE in 2010 after a three-year independent career to train at Florida Championship Wrestling.
There it lasted two years and could get a place in the nascent NXT , the new development center of WWE, which is not what is known today. However, since the great changes made by Triple H in 2013 knew and could adapt to continue in his path of teaching.
Finally, Paul Levesque himself (HHH) gave him his confidence visa and debuted at SmackDown on October 22, 2015 with an interesting and cool character for the main cast next to Summer Rae , but quickly vanished.
According to Ryback, in his Podcast called “Conversations with the Big Guy” , the reason for this was a decision of Vince McMahon after being angered by an action committed by the fighter behind the scenes. This is what Ryback states:

“After he got to WWE, there was a Tribute to the Troops show … And it’s okay to talk about this … This is what fucked him all up in WWE. This poor guy, who was being used very well in NXT and who came to the main cast and was given a little early Push as they do with all the guys.

“It all happened while we were in early December of that year (in Jacksonville, Florida), recording Tribute to the Troops 2015 , the special show honoring the military. Tyler Breeze was informed by someone from the administration that he would not fight on the show, so he was also told he could go home early and was given the go-ahead, although it was not Vince McMahon who approved it .

“Instead, Vince found out because some pu ** son who was there told him, ‘Vince, we told Tyler to go home, he was not being used on the show.’ Somebody threw it under the bus! That poor son of a bitch was thrown under the bus! ‘ And it is that I think someone injured him and they needed to change the poster of the show. This is how the shit happens. That was very stupid.

“There are times when you are given permission to the fighters to leave a show to go home or to move and arrive early to town next show so that they can rest a night and be ready for another show. But Breeze went walking right next to Vince McMahon down the hall out and that visibly bothered Vince immediately. Michael Hayes was also close to him when he left. Of course, no one took responsibility for telling a Tyler that could leave early, which made it look as if he was at fault and earned him the wrath of the boss. “

Recall that in his moment was analyzed here in SUPER STRUGGLES another cause that is valid to know the reason of the decline of Tyler Breeze , although now we already know that the main reason was apparently the anger of Vince McMahon:

On the other hand, Ryback declared to be happy because finally Breezango, the equipment conformed by Tyler and Fandango , are gaining “the protagonism that they deserve” in WWE SmackDown Live .

Ryback also said it is big fan of what they are currently doing Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso , the use and promised to tell stories of their camaraderie with Johnny Curtis, now known as Fandango, such as when enjoyed drinking like crazy on a tour of Spain .

Vince McMahon stopped Tyler Breeze’s Push. Connoisseurs, what do you think of Ryback’s statements and the alleged decision of the WWE boss? Do you agree with Mr. McMahon?

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