Ryback: “Today’s Fighters Need To Enhance Their Sensuality”

It has already started the summer tournament for the WWE Universe, the Mae Young Classic that will crown the next great fighter of the company and perhaps propitiate a weekly program. Despite our anti-spoilers policy, we have already reported that several officials are impressed by the performance of several participants, so expect to recruit at least 10 of them after the end of the tournament. However, the other side of the coin brings the news that many officers demand a more sensual appearance for gladiators , which takes us back to the ghosts of the term Diva that cost so much dissipate.

Relying on the subject at hand, Ryback wanted to offer from his personal watchtower, Conversation With The Big Guy, his sometimes controversial, sometimes simply risible, opinion. And this coincides with that of the, say, somewhat retrograde WWE sector , which defends that every fighter who deserves to own great attributes not only fighting. Here are the ex-Nexus words:

“This is something I have always said, today’s fighters need to enhance their sensuality . The women would do a bodyslam or anything and climb on the ropes and wag their butt, if a girl does that today, she would be the least considered diva in the cast. That’s why I always liked Melina doing her splits . It is what makes women different from men, because women can make all the moves, but not as well as uncles . They do not know how to climb stairs, and we’ll talk about it, it’s a joke, guys.
The only thing that surpasses men is in that sexuality , so that men can sit there and tell their women, ‘no, I’m just watching wrestling, sweetheart.’ They can do all the wrestling things, but just give me a little more sensuality. That’s what a Billy Bob wants to see in the middle of some Arkansas town . He does not want to see 10 superstars doing headlocks.

Everyone can do things subtly, they are all beautiful girls. I’m not saying that they all have to go up to the third rope and move their butts, just to exploit their sensuality a little more. It’s very subtle, and makes a difference for the casual viewer . “

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