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Samoa Joe Helped John Cena To Be Hired By WWE

When many feared that WWE would mistreat one of their greatest talents from TNA (now GFW), Samoa Joe is maintaining great status since its debut . Even after going through the jaws of “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, in WWE Great Balls of Fire , despite the defeat, has left the ex-NXT well. And it seems that it will remain in the orbit of the World Championship, according to rumored plans facing WWE SummerSlam (2017), so one senses that we will have it in privileged positions for several months .

The 102.5 The Bone’s podcast Drew Garabo Live Out of Tampa, Fla., Had Joe as guest in its latest issue . There, among other issues, the wrestler talked about his past in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, a former WWE development territory where he faced John Cena back in 2000. Joe recounts the fight that eventually led the rapper to sign with WWE :

“The truth is, the fight John Cena had with me was the one that got WWE to hire him , I remember they were there to see John, obviously. He looked great, it was like the big promise, and John was a good friend of mine, so I had no problem helping him take center stage . Hey man, he was a very hard man. I had it done, and after the fight, I remember Jim Ross , I was the chief responsible for Talent Relations, I went to him and said, ‘Is there any interest here?’ ‘Ah, no, son. I do not think you’re going to work here . ‘ Two years in there, but it was fine, because I thought, ‘well, if I can not get in there, I’m going to focus on other things. Where else can I make money? Oh, Japan!

Triple H was a key figure for Joe’s final cast, although “The Samoan Submission Machine” wants to give credence to several people :

” Yes, Triple H made the call , so I gave him a lot of credit for getting me in WWE, because that was my point of contact. Actually, it was a handful of guys. It was Paul Heyman ; Was Road Dogg ; Was Joey Mercury . The truth is that it was a long list of people who were there and who had worked with me during my wrestling career. “

To the question of if the sales of “merchandising” influence when it comes to boosting a talent, Joe was sincere ; As we knew at the time that after his articles were sold out, he signed an exclusive contract:

“They definitely influence . I know that after that happened, the phone call was, ‘Yes, we want you to sign immediately . ‘ Obviously, it plays a big role and if there is a fan base there, especially if you want to vote, it’s the economy. You vote with your dollars. People were excited that I was there. It made a big difference . “

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