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Samoa Joe Says That Roman Reings Is In The Elite And More

One of the destructive forces of WWE , Samoa Joe , who is in the Monday Night Raw brand , was interviewed to promote the PPV SummerSlam 2017 and gave the concept that has on his three rivals this Sunday 20 August and many other interesting topics.
The interview was given to journalist Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post and then we bring you some of the most interesting statements:

The New York Post: “Is this a deadly four-corner fight for the World Championship on Sunday, maybe the biggest fight of your career?”
Samoa Joe: “Completely, I would say it is . Obviously I’ve had big fights all over the world, but I think the biggest thing is the thing that will happen this Sunday at SummerSlam, which is one of the biggest Pago por Ver event franchises in our business, and I’m in The main event. So yes, by far this is the biggest fight of my career. “

The New York Post: “Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman said they would stop WWE if Brock loses. If you are the reason why that happens, what would it mean to add that distinction to your career? “
Samoa Joe: “(Laughter). It would be fantastic. Being the guy who got Brock Lesnar running from WWE, that would definitely be a title I’d love to wear and I’m looking to get it this coming Sunday. “

The New York Post: “What is your relationship with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman behind the scenes? I know there have been rumors that they support you to a great extent . “
Samoa Joe: “I think there’s a lot of mutual respect there, for the most part. I think we both understand each other and we have great respect for what we bring to the table. Therefore, it is sometimes friendly. “

The New York Post : “Do you think that’s one of the reasons your fight in the Great Balls of Fire 2017 PPV came out the way it came out? Both ended up looking great . “
Samoa Joe : “Without a doubt, I think Brock and Paul definitely understand the intensity that I bring to the table and the atmosphere, the vibe I put there when I’m preparing for big fights. They recognize him for the great fight he was. I definitely do it too. In the end, I think it left a lot of fans entertained. “

The New York Post: “What do you think about Braun Strowman ?”
Samoa Joe: “Braun is probably by far one of the most, how should I say this? Because for the short time it takes in our industry, I believe that their knowledge and skills have been growing about 10 times more each week.

“He is a man who is constantly improving. He is constantly improving, getting better. Now it is probably one of the largest consummate and complete acts in the industry. “

The New York Post: “What are your thoughts on Roman Reigns ?”
Samoa Joe: “I think when you look at the top, the elite fighters in this industry right now, I think Roman Reigns is in that discussion. I think he’s a polarizing figure, which is always a great thing in this business. I think any success he has had has come because he has worked to get it, so I give him that credit. “

Connoisseurs, what do you think of the statements of “The Destroyer” Samoa Joe? Do they agree with him?

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