Sasha Banks: “Peyton Royce And Billie Kay Are The Future”

“New beginnings are approaching” was the phrase that 72 hours ago put in vilo the Universe WWE. Sasha Banks left this strange message on her Tumblr account at the gates of a confrontation with Bayley that will lead her to opt for the Alexa Bliss Raw Women’s Championship at WWE SummerSlam (2017). Therefore, these words are even stranger to today, when it is intuited that will not leave the stellar posts of the women’s division at least until after the summer.

In September, WWE will tour Australia stopping in three cities, and of course, Raw will be there. As a result, Banks gave an interview to, reflecting on the change that women’s wrestling has experienced in recent years :

“It has changed a lot. I remember seeing her when I was a girl and the women did not show up like the guys. I was planning, ‘ No, I want to be in WWE, but I do not want to do what they do right now . ‘ They were captured as in the MTV era, ladies in bikinis and beautiful women, did not really give everything as men. I told myself when I was 10 years old that I wanted to change what it means to be a diva in WWE . It is very crazy that we are here, we are superstars, we are no longer divas. It has changed a lot, I was grateful for the women who came before me and with whom I work today, we have done it together, we are changing the world right now . “

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay , two Australian wrestlers currently competing in NXT, could join Banks soon as they make the leap to the main cast. Thus speaks of them “The Boss” :

“I think they are the future . They are incredible and have a lot of passion for this business and I love to see them. They’re amazing, and Peyton Royce is a lot of me. His favorite wrestler is also Eddie Guerrero and I love to see her. It’s amazing, incredible, incredible in the ring and I can not wait for her to call her up to the main cast . “

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